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*Alchemist Bay Reusable Face Cleansing Pads - Pack of 3


Alchemist Bay Face Cleansing Pads - Pack of 3 these beauties are fantastic for removing makeup from your face and eyes and can be thrown in the washing machine.  We recommend using them as you would a face cloth or cotton wool to remove your cleanser or they can be used as a pre-cleanse on their own.   

Why we love these:
The clever microfiber in these pads grabs on to your makeup, SPF and any other oils or residue on your face to give your skin a great cleanse without spreading the grime back on to your skin!  They are the perfect size to maneuver around your face easily.

Alchemist Bay top tip:
If like us you are a fan of double cleansing use one side for your first cleanse then flip over and use the other side for your second cleanse! 
Once you have used the pad give it a quick rinse with any antibacterial soap and leave to dry for next use.  Throw in the washing machine every couple of days and reach for a fresh one!

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