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Alchemist Bay Sisal Body Brush


Alchemist Bay Sisal Body Brush  - there are so many great reasons to use a body brush: increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin exfoliation are some of the main benefits.  Dry body brushing can also help rejuvenate and improve skin tone, lessening the appearance of cellulite.

The bristles of this brush are made from the fibres of the sisal plant.  Other natural brushes made from plants tend to have coarse bristles whereas sisal brushes are semi-firm, perfect for exfoliating without being too rough on the skin, it will also provide a stimulating massage and soothe muscles at the same time.

Why we love these:
Dry body brushing is really addictive.  You will see a noticeable difference in your skin and feel invigorated afterwards, we love all the other benefits too!

Alchemist Bay top tip:
We recommend that you stand in the shower without the water on while dry brushing so that you don't have all that dead skin flying around your bathroom (sorry but it's true!)  Start by brushing in upward strokes from your feet working towards your heart, brush gently at first and gradually build up the pressure to suit your skin.  Follow with a shower and a nourishing body cream.  

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