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Why you should consider taking Curcumin (Turmeric)

We believe it is a privilege to be ageing and our aim is to do just that in the healthiest way we can! 

Ageing though is not without it's problems and one of these is inflammaging or inflammation within the body which contributes to many chronic diseases like arthritis, alzheimers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint pain.

But there are ways of targeting this inflammation such as a healthy diet and lifestyle and most importantly daily moderate exercise.  Even 30 minutes of walking a day at a good pace (enough to get your heart rate up) can have huge benefits.   

There are also supplements that you can take to target and help reduce inflammation and one of these is curcumin.  Curcumin comes from turmeric, a herb commonly used in cooking throughout India and also in ayurvedic medicine.  It is also believed to help treat hay fever, depression, gingivitis, premenstrual syndrome and even hangovers.  In Ayurvedic medicine, it is has long been used to help with diabetes, pain, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, memory and skin conditions like eczema, all things that are associated with inflammation in some form.

We really recommend Life Extension Curcumin Elite Turmeric Extract as it protects the curcumin by combining it with fenugreek fibers, this allows it to last much longer in the bloodstream giving you greater absorption and a wide range of benefits for your health.

We also love that Curcumin Elite is sourced from a multitude of responsible farming collectives in India and it is then made via an environmentally friendly, water-based extraction technology that uses no solvents or chemicals.  

If you would like to give it a go for yourself and we really recommend that you do, just click on the link! https://www.alchemistbay.com/collections/turmeric/products/life-extension-super-bio-curcumin-60-softgels  

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