** Free shipping to anywhere in Ireland when you spend over €50 ** - All products tried, tested & highly recommended by our team ** FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN IRELAND WHEN YOU SPEND OVER €50 ** -- ALL PRODUCTS TRIED, TESTED AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY OUR TEAM

We are on a mission - Healthy Ageing instead of Anti-Ageing!

We have been inspired to help change the narrative around the beauty and health industry and so you will not find any references to anti-aging in the descriptions on our site.  

We feel it is a privilege to be aging and so we are all about healthy aging instead of anti-aging. 

Providing you with products that rejuvenate, protect and regenerate our skin and bodies while helping us all to be healthy and our best selves is what we at Alchemist Bay are all about.

We really believe there is too much pressure on people of all ages to look and be a 'certain way'.

Healthy, vibrant, glowing skin is available to us all at any age!

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