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The benefits of dry Body Brushing

Here's the thing, sometimes if people have never tried it before they can be a bit scared of dry body brushing, but if you have the right brush it feels great on the skin. The bristles should be just firm enough to invigorate and exfoliate. 

Trust us once you start you will quickly find it is quite addictive.  It is not easy to find a treatment that is as gratifying - you will see almost instant results and as time goes on the results just keep getting better. 

From day one you will see and feel the benefits of having really smooth exfoliated skin and after a few weeks of dry brushing you will notice an improvement in skin tone and texture.  It is great for getting rid of chicken skin or keratosis pilaris to give it it's proper name!  In addition it definitely helps to reduce cellulite and give you stronger, firmer skin.  But there's more!  Dry brushing will improve your circulation, help with lymphatic drainage and really energise you. 

Give it a go, we promise that you will love it.  Our Body Brush is made from natural sisal fibers which we believe to be the best for brushing and the bristles have just the right amount of firmness to be comfortable yet effective.  Alchemist Bay Sisal Body Brush

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