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Serums - the low down!

Serums generally offer greater benefits than a moisturiser due to the delivery systems they use.  They can sink deeper in to the epidermis where their key ingredients be it a hydrating hyaluronic acid, a free radical banishing and brightening vitamin c or a wrinkle busting, collagen building retinoid will work it's magic on your skin.  We are not saying ditch your moisturiser - far from it in fact!  It too plays an important role in maintaining and protecting your skins barrier function and works with your serums to plump and keep your skin comfortable.

So which serums to choose.. there are so many and it can get very confusing.  Rather than wasting your money it is important to really look at your skin and see how it feels and then chose accordingly.  You can also layer your serums if you feel you need more than one type.  Generally the lightest serum goes on first and the heaviest last.  

 Here are some that our team love and really recommend:

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