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Probiotics - are they really that important?

Probiotics are not only important for gut health, they also play a big part in our overall health including our immune system, heart, brain, gum and skin health.  Science has proven that an imbalance of good-to-bad bacteria can affect all your body and your mood.

We can get beneficial bacteria through consuming fermented foods such as sauerkraut, live yoghurt, tempeh and kimchi but for those of us who don't eat these foods taking a probiotic supplement can help to keep you in the best possible state of health. 

The problem with many commercial probiotics is not being able to overcome the barriers within the gastrointestinal tract before reaching their destination.  This is why we highly recommend Life Extension Florassist Probiotic Blend.

To solve this issue, the Florassist capsules utilise a "dual encapsulation" technology,  this ensures an unprecedented amount of live bacteria are delivered to the needed areas.

While many supplements provide just one type of bacteria, a probiotic blend with varieties of good bacteria can better target the areas that they are needed.  Research now shows that many probiotic species have specific roles to play in the body.   Florassist has a proprietary blend of six bacterial strains to better target all areas of our body.  Click below for more info or purchase! 




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