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A good nights sleep is more important than you might think

We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to bodily health, mental revitalization and overall physical well-being. However, many people have trouble falling asleep as well as staying asleep, read on to find out more on how to sleep better and longer….

Melatonin is a hormone which is naturally produced in the body.  It is derived from tryptophan and is primarily known to offer support for the circadian rhythm, also known as your “body clock”.

Although it is mostly known for its sleep-promoting qualities, research now shows that it also has many other health benefits. These include support for the immune system, cognitive health, and even cell DNA.  In addition research is ongoing in to the use of Melatonin for the prevention and treatment of Covid 19.  Analysis of patient data from Cleveland Clinic’s COVID-19 registry revealed that melatonin usage was associated with a nearly 30% reduced likelihood of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 after adjusting for age, race, smoking history and various disease comorbidities.

Sleep support: the body’s own production of melatonin is reduced with the natural aging process. That’s why supplementation with this hormone can be a natural solution for people that have trouble sleeping.

Antioxidant protection & cell DNA support: research shows that melatonin has strong antioxidant properties. It scavenges the body for some of the most common free radicals (hydroxyl and peroxyl) and it does so more efficiently than other antioxidants. Furthermore, it also supports other antioxidants, helping to raise overall antioxidant protection in the body.  

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