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Health & Wellbeing

Why natural wax candles are best

Lighting candles around your house is more popular than ever before.  Aromas and scents can quite literally set the tone and mood of a room depending on the scent that you choose.  From calm and relaxing to uplifting and a sense of 'lets get this done' in your home office.  But are all candles created equal?  

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Why you should consider taking Curcumin (Turmeric)

We believe it is a privilege to be ageing and our aim is to do just that in the healthiest way we can! 

Ageing though is not without it's problems and one of these is inflammaging or inflammation within the body that contributes to many chronic diseases like arthritis, alzheimers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and joint pain. 

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The benefits of dry Body Brushing

Here's the thing, sometimes if people have never tried it before they can be a bit scared of dry body brushing, but if you have the right brush it feels great on the skin. The bristles should be just firm enough to invigorate and exfoliate. 

Trust us once you start you will quickly find it is quite addictive.

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How omegas help to reduce inflammation in your body

The role inflammation plays in a wide range of diseases is increasingly acknowledged. While inflammation is an essential part of the immune system’s defenses, it can often become chronic and excessive, resulting in body-wide damage.

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